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eMR Anywhere – Product from Max Systems Inc, is a Free EHR System with Value added Services

All EHR products are unique in their own way. eMR Anywhere is no different.
eMR Anywhere is designed, developed and continues to be driven by Physicians who wanted to design a low cost practical solution that addressed their common concerns:

Initial cost of acquiring a fully functional certified EHR
Online EMR
Difficulty in realizing the federal reimbursement funds.
Conversion of old paper charts
Creation of templates to suit their practice
Integration of their PBO and transcription systems with EHR
If you share any of these concerns with our physicians, eMR Anywhere may be the right solution for you.

Free EMR OnlineInitial and subsequent cost….

eMR Anywhere is free for anyone who wants to use it. Installation, set up, maintenance and back up is already built into the platform. eMR Anywhere derives its revenues from physicians who opt to use several of its value added services. However, no physician is required to use any of these features added.
Difficulty in realizing federal reimbursement for implementation of EHR…

The requirements to meet the eligibility criteria to attest for meaningful use of EHR are quite onerous. This has resulted in many physicians who had adopted early EHR products giving up their efforts to receive stimulus funds. eMR Anywhere addressed this problem by offering significant assistance in helping these physicians meet those requirements. If any physician is willing to use the ePrescription module and scan progress notes, eMR Anywhere will do much of the rest. We will update and maintain your charts to enable you to be in compliance with CMS. We also help you in registering and going through the process of attestation until you receive your reimbursement. We do charge for this service after you receive the funds from CMS.

Conversion of old paper charts….

Electronic Medical Records Online StorageMost EHRs come with a basic scanning module that enables you to store your paper charts as scanned images. eMR Anywhere comes with a complete state of the art document management system that enables you to extract data and populate your EHR database. We convert all the data into usable electronic format for a fee. Customers do not have to store paper charts at added expense. This smooth transition also leaves your office staff free to focus on clinical tasks.

Creation of personalized templates ….

EMR TemplateseMR Anywhere comes with a state of the art template creation module that allows you to customize your templates to your needs. Our staff will guide you through this process. Templates created by our other physicians also will be available to create a starting point for you.

Our progress notes are designed to minimize physician time for documentation. They are also amenable for population by your transcription companies. Physicians have the capability to choose an existing template, bland pre programmed notes or even the prior note for that patient to use as a template. Please ask for a demo.

Integration with other software programs you currently use ….

Whenever feasible from the other party we create these interfaces for you for FREE. No costs from our side.

eMR Anywhere not only addresses the needs of doctors but also giving some additional advantages in the form of….
Enabling E-Prescription: This will earn some additional revenue when implemented. Penalty proposed can be saved from first day of implementation.
Patient responsibility estimation: Unlike other EHRs, our eMR Anywhere helps doctors determine the final responsibility of patient within minutes of providing service.
Compliance requirements to get federal reimbursements Being a software and service provider by nature, Max holds hands of offices using our EMR Anywhere and actively works with them to make sure the required threshold of electronic usage is accomplished. Dashboard updating the status on daily basis is an invaluable tool in helping practices see the progress on daily basis.
Patient portal feature is readily built into the system and can become operational in no time, once doctors office adapts our eMR Anywhere.
Patient education resources are tapped online and are updated to keep up with all the latest developments.
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"You guys are wonderful! Your software and personnel have made my job so easy. I appreciate all the support. Working with you has been like working with a friend"
Suresh Prasad, MD.
Permian Internal Medicine Associates
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